• Want to talk to us in person? Drop by cube hours! We are located in RSO Cube #37 in the Union (take the south stairs, facing the quad, and go up to the second floor). If it is an urgent matter you’d like to discuss, please email us beforehand so that we are expecting you!

    Also, please keep in mind we will most likely be traveling to classes during the last 10 minutes of our designated cube hours.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 9:00-10:00  Angela
 10:00-11:00  Angela
 11:00-12:00   Svetlana
 12:00-1:00   Jordan   Mingu  Alice   Mingu
 1:00-2:00   Jordan   Jessie   .   Meghan
 2:00-3:00   Jessie   .   Deanne
 3:00-4:00   Jenna   Jenna   Deanne
 4:00-5:00  Svetlana  Alice  Meghan
 5:00-6:00   Terra  Nina  Nina