A brief overview of our positions are below. Feel free to email any of our board members to get to know a bit more about a position, or ask us during the interview process for clarification! Though we take your preference into great consideration, we will consider you for all open positions when you apply.

Social Coordinator heads our social branch and directs a committee of students to help carry out various social events. The social coordinator is in charge of planning and executing fun activities for our members (at least one per week) and requires excellent organization and creativity.
Tutoring Coordinator is responsible for assembling a team of student tutors to tutor both on campus and at off campus locations and make sure the tutoring branch runs smoothly. This branch employs a committee.
Philanthropy Coordinator is in charge of fundraising events and contacting/working with charities. In the fall semester, philanthropy coordinator chooses the charity we devote our efforts to. Major events include a 5k (Fall) and Relay for Life (Spring). This branch employs a committee.
Service Coordinator is the person who comes up with ideas for volunteering events and is responsible for talking with the various organizations we work with. This branch employs a committee.
Publicist  is in charge of advertising all of the events our various coordinators put together. A committee has been added to this position this year to help with man power factors of advertising campaigns. A candidate with technical skills (computers/graphic design) is extremely desired.
Professional Development Coordinator puts together academic-based events such as resume critiques, grad school workshops, etc. A lot like social but just career-oriented events.
Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for updating member “points”. Computer use is heavy and requires lots of email answering and general knowledge of excel/Google sheets.
Treasurer is responsible for making the budget for our chapter of Phi Eta Sigma and physically handling money. This will require a lot of check writing, money tracking, and general familiarity with finances.
Secretary is in charge of assembling and sending out the bi-weekly newsletter and recording what happens during our board meetings.


2016-2017 Executive Board
Please feel free to contact any of the executive board through e-mail, or visit us during our office hours!

 Position  Name Email
President Nick Bourne
Vice President Kylie Petlak
Secretary Svetlana Sandovskaya
Treasurer Alice Zhao
Social Coordinator  Deanne Chun
Philanthropy Coordinator  Jenna Dufour
Service Coordinator Meghan Grill
Professional Development Coordinator Terra Scranton
Tutoring Coordinator  Nina Tandle
Publicist  Jessie Choi
Director of Internal Affairs (points)  Mingu Kang
Senior Advisors  Angela Roeser,           Jordan Geiersbach
Faculty Advisor Sarah Gardener



          Christina Li                  Kylie Petlak                Caitlin Emerson              You-Na Jeon
             President                   Vice President                Senior Advisor                Senior AdvisorChristinaKylieCaitlinYou-Na


        Ashley Wang              Angela Roeser              John Gallucci                 Jessie Choi
            Treasurer                        Tutoring                        Service                            SocialAshley- TreasurerAngela- TutoringJohn- ServiceJessie- Social
          Olivia Wu                    Nick Bourne                Nina Tandle              Jordan Geiersbach
         Philanthropy                          DIA                            Publicist                      ProfessionalOlivia- PhilanthropyNick- DIANina- PublicistJordanG