ATTENTION: NEW IN 2015      In order to better serve our members, we will be switching our points system from a complicated database to an ongoing Google Document. From FALL 2014 and forward, all new points will be inputted to the Google Doc that can be found at the link below. If you have points from before Fall 2014 as well as after Fall 2014, your points are going to be the total of the points in the database added to what’s in the Google Doc. If you have any questions about the new point tracking, contact pes.dia.illinois@gmail.com



click to view Google Doc of points after FA14

Tip: open Google Doc and press the “control” and “F” key on your keyboard to search for your UIN. If you have any points from the Fall 2014 semester or later, those points will be listed and totaled. If you have points from before Fall 2014, keep reading below to find out how to view those points.



Enter your UIN below to check your point total from before Fall 2014. These points will no longer be updated and any new ones will be added to the Google Doc listed above.


Phi Eta Sigma Point System:

  • Earning points is optional for members but required for honors cords
  • Points are given for attending Phi Eta Sigma organized events
  • An honors cord requires 50 points, 20 of which must be active points
  • Seniors declaring for honors cords should look for the declaration form in the e-mail around the end of February or October
  • Active points are earned through activities which involve active volunteering
  • Point values for events will be stated in the e-mail and on this website
  • In general, one hour corresponds to one point
  • Points are also considered when applying for Phi Eta Sigma scholarships

****Keep your eyes peeled for a revamping of the points system in 2015! We will be adding exciting new incentives for consistently active members ****

Activity Points
 Executive Board 25 per year
General Membership Meeting (Held once per semester) 3
Social Activities 1 / Hour
Volunteer Activities 1 = 1 Hour (Varies)
Committee Chair 1-14** per year
Committee Member 1-10** per year
Relay for Life 2-20**
On Campus Tutoring 1/Hour
Other PES Activities 1/Hour (Varies)

** These points vary depending on participation